...simply gorgeous chocolate bouquet flower gifts
...simply gorgeous chocolate bouquet flower gifts 

The Lindor Lindt Dress

In the competitive world of chocolate manufacturing, brands are always looking to be original and a few years back Lindor Lindt came up with the idea of a red Christmas dress made with 1,000 of their milk chocolate truffles!

But Lindt went further by also including sparkling Austrian crystals – WOW, a dress that combines both! This ultra-festive Lindt Chocolate's Lindor Balls and Swarovski crystal coated dress was spotted on famous violinist and model Linzi Stoppard.


The pro’s and cons of such a dress though are not so clear perhaps.


Yes it’s a handy choccy treat whenever you fancy it and the dress is guaranteed to turn heads but….won’t they melt if you sit down and the potential to a make a very embarrassing brown mess just where you don’t want it?


Also it must be very uncomfortable too – so it’s clearly not practical and don’t expect to see it hanging in a retail shop anytime soon!


You have to admit though, it’s pretty cool marketing by Lindt!


The Willy Wonka Wedding!


Imagine buying hundreds of chocolates and sweets, eating them for 5 months and then turning the huge pile of wrappers into your wedding dress!! Crazy?








"I collected hundreds and hundreds of Cadbury wrappers for the dress"  Bride Wendy Heagerty"

Not for Wendy Heagarty 54 and now husband Ian, 63 who decided they wanted a chocolate fest wedding theme! 


 - Wendy loves chocolate and decided on a Willy Wonka themed wedding


 - Hubbie to be Ian played the part of Wonka


 - The bride painstakingly made her own dress for 5 months using nothing but Cadbury's chocolate wrappers


- Most of the wrappers came from bars of Dairy Milk, but some also from Wispas, Dairy Milk Buttons and eclairs (Very nice work to get through that lot!)


 - Their pet dog joined in dressed as an oompa loompa


Most brides eat less before their wedding to ensure they slip into their wedding dress but it's amazing to think that bride Wendy went the other way and ate her way to her wedding! Chocolate after chocolate after chocolate.... Just think about that! Sounds bliss, well if you need hundreds of Cadbury wrappers then someone has to do the neccesary job of eating it all! 


So you may think how Wendy didn't put on any weight after eating all that chocolate? Well her strict excersize routine ensured she burnt off all those extra calrories by running and cycling which kept her weight steady which is pretty amazing discipline!


'"I collected hundreds and hundreds of wrappers for the dress. My family know I am completely bonkers. We all had a great time and it gave everyone a big smile,' she adds. 'It was a fabulous day and I still love chocolate."

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