christmas chocolate bouquet
christmas chocolate bouquet
...simply gorgeous chocolate bouquet flower gifts
...simply gorgeous chocolate bouquet flower gifts 

How to make a chocolate christmas tree bouquet

The gift of a chocolate Christmas tree bouquet is a unique, fun and interesting gift at this magical time of the year. Chocolate and christmas go together so perfectly and a candy gift always guarantees a huge smile of appreciation!


This Christmas season why not make your own chocolate Christmas tree bouquet gift that will be a gift they will remember long into the new year?


There are different types of chocolate bouquet trees which vary from round ball styles to more luxurious special boutique style bouquets that really impress when it has to be that special gift.


The start to a great great chocolate Christmas tree bouquet is quality. 


It has to be a gift that you would be prepared to recieve, a gift that absolutely you delights you.


How about making and gifting a christmas tree you can actually eat? Sounds cool? It is cool!


This style chocolate christmas tree bouquet is stunning to look at, fun, intriguing and everyone will love it! And... you can make it too!


I'll bring you the best craft designs and you bring your enthusiasm  - together I'll show you exactly how to easily make at home a beautiful boutique design to suit your budget and ambition! 


- low cost

- simple to make by following video instructions

- fun to make, give and receive

- materials are quite easy to find

- Will guarantee a smile by the lucky recipient

I have made over 400 Chocolate Christmas Tree Bouquets and sold them all!


Customers simply adore it as that special, hand crafted gift!

Materials needed


  • Floral style living vase box or craft box
  • Florist foam block (dry)
  • Cellophane sheet (preferably with a christmas design but not essential)
  • Chocolates – 30 Ferrero Rocher chocolates
  • Skewer sticks
  • Craft / floral paper in green 
  • High quality sellotape or floral sticky tape
  • Christmas baubles on sticks
  • Decorative christmas / red ribbons 
  • Craft hot glue gun

This Christmas Chocolate Tree bouquet is a luxury boutique design and is very high quality. 


Key steps:

- Prepare the chocolate stems
- Prepare the box
- Assemble the design starting from the base
- Insert the stems at the right positions and angles making sure they are symmetrical and equal around each side
- Place paper fillers in the gaps
- Decorate the chocolate christmas tree bouquet and then finalise with ribbon.


To learn the detailed steps on how to make this fantastic chocolate christmas tree bouquet,  I have a full HD video training course to view. 

From complete beginner to within a couple of hours you will have made this Chocolate Christmas Tree bouquet. 

FREE Video Course  - learn how to make this cute candy christmas chocolate bouquet! Easy to make with expert instructions, sub titles and HD video.


Click on image to learn how to make this christmas candy bouquet.  

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