...simply gorgeous chocolate bouquet flower gifts
...simply gorgeous chocolate bouquet flower gifts 

How to start a small chocolate bouquets business

Looking to earn some extra money from a home based small craft sideline with year round potential? Flexible hours around family commitments?  or perhaps you want to learn a new hobby? Read on.

Our all inclusive training course will take you from beginner to expert with our

comprehensive training package. 

This could be the side-line opportunity you have been waiting for in the year round gift market

  Look at this stunning close up in video 

We show you how to make this quality design style that people will spend money on 

Chocolate gifts never go out of fashion and is a long term stable market with many potential customers.

Whether you are looking to learn as a hobby to start with or perhaps you are looking for a little low cost investment sideline then our all inclusive training package will help you get there.

You bring the motivation and desire and we will provide you all the tools you need through our comprehensive and very detailed training.

We will teach you exactly how to make high quality designs like the chocolate bouquet styles we make including all components and suppliers and where to sell them. 

Our training packages are from £27 and compromise of videos, manuals, starter pack, sample bouquet, templates and support to enable you to learn succesfully at home at your own pace. 1-2-1 training and coaching (UK only) is also available .  Keep scrolling to read more, watch some videos and request your free "how to..."ebook below

FREE Christmas Video Training Course


Make this gorgeous and cute Christmas Candy bar Bouquet. 


* All materials listed

* Full start to finish HD video training



 Watch a quick snippet of Mary talking about her training 

All training packages from £39 include


- Access to the private Training pages with "how-to" videos


- A full copy of the main operational instruction manual (as shown) intense detail throughout


- Supporting template documents


- Start up guides


- Unlimited email support - ask anything



CB Op Manual Master - Free Sample Pages.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.4 MB]

UK & Ireland FREE eBook

US, Canada + all other countries FREE eBook

AUZ & New Zealand FREE ebook


BONUS - ALL PACKAGES - Our totally comprehensive training and resource guide to help you get started in selling your chocolate bouquets! 


- Basic business set up + rules (UK)

- Creating a FREE logo and choosing a name. Photos of your bouquet range

- Packing and posting your bouquets

- Getting started on Facebook business

- Do I need a website? Follow our advice and exactly what to do

- Links to suppliers and other great resources

- Loads of ideas, hints and tips on how to promote and sell your bouquets


SAMPLE Selling, promotion and finding cu[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [2.9 MB]

     First we make

UK ONLY -  Optional 1 day exclusive 1-2-1 workshop just for you is available but our packages (from £39) mean you can learn all you need from home with detailed training information, starter pack and our full support wherever you are.

You will learn all the details about the exact materials, suppliers and step-by-step teaching how to make Ferrero Rocher, Lindor Lindt and Chocolate Bar Bouquets.

We have trained many people to make the high quality bouquets we design and so you can be confident you will learn the right skills in detail. 

    Then we show

If you are interested in selling your wonderful bouquets then we know exactly how and where to sell including online and offline places. 

Our very detailed professional "How to find customers and sell chocolate bouquets' training manual is packed with practical advice to help you get started from scratch including general start up advice, getting a logo, pictures of your range, social media promotion, website, pricing, events and showing your bouquets to find local customers and repeat orders. The detail is considerable -  130 A4 pages full of practical advice and steps to get started and keep going.

     And find customers!

With your superb designs and how to training, you will easily be able to compete with a £30 quality bouquet of flowers - people will buy! trust us on this! We know exactly why and how to attract customers and price properley to sell and make some money!

We also teach you about developing your name, logo, photography and techniques to get online and offline depending on what you would prefer to do! You're the boss so you decide how much or how little but the training detail is here for you. Also we cover your concerns over food hygine rules, licencing and insurance too.

Different Themes

After our training you will be confident to try different styles and sizes to suit yourself..so experiment and have fun! 

  Where to sell them? How? Who to? Competition?

Website, Facebook or craft fairs? Having a clear strategy and finding opportunities is essential! We understand who we are targeting to maximise the chances of the right people seeing your designs. We'll focus you on building a local customer base of boutique quality designs that other competitors can't match.

We know and will teach you all there is to get started and you go at your own pace.

Part time home based

Fancy a leisurely cuppa? take the children to school? The wonderful flexibilities of a simple to run small sideline. 

UK & Ireland FREE eBook

US, Canada + all other countries FREE eBook

AUZ & New Zealand FREE ebook

" The manual is brilliant and the step-by-step instructions are so clear....

the foam blocks fit perfect....much easier than Oasis foam"    Sarah M.

From beginner to making and selling her own gorgeous designs - Listen in to Claire's interview with us on how she got started, what works for her, her new self-employed status and managing this with a family! 30 minutes interview.


UK & Ireland FREE eBook

US, Canada + all other countries FREE eBook

AUZ & New Zealand FREE ebook

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